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Present in Spanish society for centuries, these small bites have accompanied us throughout history and they have become a new gastronomic model, achieving worldwide fame and crossing borders. Spain is a place where, among other things, tourists come to "tapear" (this is the Spanish expression for going to a bar to eat “tapas”)

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A wide variety of local and national “tapas” with an individual presentation so that you can enjoy each of them with a cold beer or a good wine in what is surely one of the most beautiful areas of Madrid, El Paisaje de la Luz, recently recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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A “tapa” is a small snack with more or less elaboration that is served with a drink in every bar in Spain, in many cases reaching the denomination of "work of art".

Going for "tapas" or "tapear" is related to eating informally while chatting with friends, family, acquaintances or even strangers and it is a wonderful way to meet people.

And as we are in the so-called Paseo del Arte, surrounded by beautiful boulevards, gardens and museums .... we have decided to contribute to improve our neighbourhood with what we like the most and we do best: ...... Tapas with Art.

We are convinced that the art of "tapas" will soon become Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.... and we will be there to do our bit.

You will find us open from 7:15am to 11:00pm from Tuesday to Saturday and from 7:15am to 10:00pm on Sunday and Monday.

Located on the edge of the Barrio de las Letras and opposite the Botanical Garden, as well as delicious tapas, we also provide breakfasts and snacks that are having a great success in the neighbourhood.... and it's because our cakes are top-notch....made of lemon, cheese, chocolate, they adorn our windows in the beautiful place where we are looking forward to seeing full of people like you.


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From Monday to Friday our Café offers a daily menu with an exquisite selection of dishes that will not leave you indifferent.

Our Café has also a complete menú “a la carte” with a variety of salads, mixed dishes, hamburgers and sandwiches.

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